If you have some publications that make use of Psykinematix but absent from that list, please share it with us by simply filling and submitting the form below (and you will get support points as reward). You can even provide a link to your Psykinematix experiment if you like to share it with other Psykinematix' users.

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How should you disclose the use of Psykinematix in your publications?

Simply state the name of the software followed by the company and location in parentheses as illustrated in the following example: "Stimuli were generated and presented using the Psykinematix software v1.6 Standard Edition Build 1177 (KyberVision Japan LLC, Sendai, Japan, psykinematix.com)". You may also cite the following paper if relevant to your study:

William H.A. Beaudot (2009) Psykinematix: a new psychophysical tool for investigating visual impairment due to neural dysfunctions. Vision: the Journal of the Vision Society of Japan, 21(1):19–32