'Sea Pineapple' Release - June 2017
Standard Version 1.6 & GPU Version 2.1

We now have a Psykinematix Edition for everyone:
  • Student Edition (Standard v1.*), our low cost solution for students and researchers on a budget: with this affordable version, you can start designing and running standard psychophysical or cognitive experiments in no time. No programming is required and many examples and step-by-step tutorials are available.

  • Researcher Edition (GPU v2.*), a highly optimized version of Psykinematix that fully takes advantage of your computer's graphics card to bring real-time and full-screen generation of complex, time-varying, or very large stimuli without impacting its precious video memory !

  • Bits# / Display++ Edition (Sharp v2.*), in collaboration with Cambridge Research Systems: it brings support for CRS' hardware including the Bits# visual stimulus processor, Display++ LCD monitor, IR response box, analog and digital I/O, ColorCal 2 colorimeter, SpectroCAL Spectroradiometer, and more...

  • Metropsis Edition (v2.*) for Clinical Research, the new version of Cambridge Research Systems' visual function assessment suite: fully powered by Psykinematix, it is a modular, expandable and configurable testing system suitable for clinical research, applied vision research, drug trials, screening, sports science and human factors research. It includes a "Nurse" interface on top of Psykinematix and a remote App for iPad to control and monitor the tests. It also comes with ready-to-use standard clinical tests (visual acuity, spatial and temporal contrast sensitivity, color discrimination, binocular vision) and can generate PDF reports after each test session.