The Feedback panel allows the user to send various requests to the Psykinematix developers based on his/her user experience. This panel can be accessed at any time by selecting "Send Feedback..." in the "Psykinematix" application menu.

Message Subject

Before sending a message, select the topic of your feedback from the subject pop-up menu; if none is appropriate, enter the one that best matches your issue with Psykinematix.

Attached Information

You should attach any information the developers may need to respond to your request to the message body. The check boxes (all selected by default) specify which information about your hardware configuration and Psykinematix should be attached. The information sent for each is detailed below:

Psykinematix consists of 4 files that contain the information related to the experiments, calibrations, sessions history, and preferences used when running an experimental session. It is recommended that you include them if the problem you encountered only occurred during a specific experiment, calibration or session.

Log consists of 2 files that contain diagnostic information about the running of Psykinematix during the last session. This information should be provided if the problem occurred while a session was running because it will be used to troubleshoot the problem. We recommend you check the "Psykinematix" box as well since it contains the actual configuration information upon which the session was based (experiments, calibrations, sessions, and preferences).

OpenGL describes the OpenGL capabilities of every video card present in your system. As OpenGL is used to display the visual stimuli, it is critical for us to have this information in order to support your specific video card and solve any problem related to the stimuli display.

ASP is the text information provided by the "Apple System Profiler" that describes your hardware configuration. It does not contain any sensitive information, and will only be used to determine the exact specifications of your Macintosh computer in order to discover whether a given issue is linked to a configuration.

Message Body

When you have selected your attachments, click on the "Attach Info" button. It may take a few seconds before all the information is attached to the message body. You can then manually edit the message by removing any information you do not wish to transmit or by adding additional information useful for Psykinematix developers. Please, try to be as precise as possible.

Sending the Message

To send your message using the built-in e-mail feature, click on the "Send" button. It will take a few seconds to send it and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

If you prefer using your regular e-mail client to send us feedback, then click on the "Use my e-mail application". However, it is important to note that if you decide to use your e-mail client rather than the built-in e-mail feature, the attached files (represented by icons in the message body) will not be added to your message.

Use the reset button to start your message over again.

Feedback is sent by e-mail to You may also fill in a Web form to tell us more about your user experience with Psykinematix. For questions not directly related to your user experience, refer to the Support section or visit the Web Forum.